Growing Marijuana Methods | Mother Nature Always Finds a Way

On a recent trip north this weekend, my wife and I decided to visit this lush community park to take in the spring breeze of lilac and apple-wood blossoms. But what we saw during our hike was also some interesting growing marijuana methods that was simply Mother Nature making a bold statement.

At an overlook, we watched cars whizzing by 100 feet beneath us, and wondered if they even knew this garden oasis existed. I commented to my wife that this would be a great place to light up and relax. But, leaving our herb at home we were out of luck. Or were we?

Growing Marijuana MethodsAs we turned to walk down another pathway blooming with lilacs, it was at this point I had to chuckle. My dog was pawing at something on the ground and when I went to investigate (I looked down), I noticed he found a small grouping of little weed plants. Now, I say chuckling because if you saw the plants you’d generally giggle too. They were uber-small marijuana plants. Hemp is more like it! While small, these marijuana plants were simple in design, and definitely male.

Looking through the rest of the community garden, you can tell someone, or something, carried a few seeds and spread them around a tad. I’d like to think someone was getting ready to roll and cast the little seeds away letting Mother Nature do her thing. The way this little grouping of plants appears that the seeds must have rolled down the stone embankment and wedged themselves in between the rocks.

These tiny weed plants, in my opinion, aren’t worthy of smoking, or picking, but to be left for others to view. I’m sure there is someone in that volunteer gardening community that will discover and pluck the tiny weeds.
Mother Nature Finds a Way

Growing Marijuana Methods the Right Way

When using the proper growing marijuana methods, one finds that you’ll need privacy, unless you’re a licensed grower, medical marijuana patient or caregiver. Another thing you’ll need is the experience in growing weed. If you don’t have the experience there are a number of self help books about growing marijuana that can get you started growing marijuana indoors or outdoors.

Maybe while you’re reading one of the books below book about new growing marijuana methods, you’ll find a tranquil spot to read, reflect and become a better grower of Mother Nature’s finest.

Be sure to check out some of the great books on how to grow weed. If you find a good method and wish to share, hit us up on our Facebook page:
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