cannabis store interior design

Top Cannabis Club Interior Design Trends

If you’ve ever thought about cannabis club interior design, then you know that the aesthetics must appeal to clients and community. While designing the interior of your California cannabis club, vape room or even marijuana delivery vehicle, take a moment and consider hiring a company that does professional interior design and graphics. When considering your floor plan, take into consideration how you want people to feel when they come into your dispensary. You want your cannabis club to flow, and keep people at ease.

Decorating your cannabis club

You must make a positive connection to the community when considering cannabis retail interior design. The atmosphere inside the store must convey a professional, warming effect on your clientele, and the other business owners in town who may be looking for that contemporary feel.

“You have to step away from tie-dye, painted walls and plywood shelves.” says Rigo F. of Low Dough Designs in El Sobrante California. “You need to embrace art, culture and a positive flow with unique streamlined designs in order to attract new clients while winning over the community you decide to open your dispensary in.”

Luxury Retail Environment

Creating a luxe environment in a retail store includes not only sleek display cases, but a creative space where the product is highlighted and your clients understand a true retail experience in a dispensary. You want to give your customers a more sophisticated shopping experience than what they’re used to.

Interior Design – Contemporary or Not?

Interior design of your business says a lot to your clientele, and simple, painted walls don’t exactly scream “professional space”. Many people still consider a dispensary to be a haven for illegal activity and can often be a barrier to being welcomed into a community.

Average patient spend and customer loyalty is of the utmost importance, and one of the ways to get them to come back is to have a medical marijuana dispensary that has the look and feel of a well designed space.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Vehicle Graphics

While you don’t want to advertise you’re delivering medical marijuana, you do want you customers to know and trust who they’re getting their deliveries from. One way to do this is to have your vehicle wrapped in a delivery theme or simple side graphics to accentuate your ride.

People we spoke with who’ve hired delivery services has said they’d be more comfortable receiving their meds from a known source, that means the delivery should match the cannabis club they’re buying from. Vehicle wraps on cars are becoming the norm, even for medical marijuana delivery drivers.

Cannabis Club Interior Design Aspects in Real Time

Whatever your cannabis club interior design options include, or your taste, feng-shui, or other notions; there are a few rules to the dispensary design trend:

  1. Hire an interior designer
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Keep it unique
  4. Keep people talking


Finding your ebb and flow of the dispensary is made much simpler when you have the right design to kick it all off with. Take a look at some other retailers throughout the United States to determine what may be right for your little corner of globe in the community you serve.