Cannabis Cup Winners

Cannabis Cup winners dating back from 1987 when it all began. From a tiny show in 1987 to a full blown gala event in Amsterdam every November.

You can see how the Cannabis Cup has evolved into a much larger event. Now included are seminars, exhibits, vendor booths, live music and of course, the camaraderie of the growers and seed bank members.

The creator of the Cannabis Cup is Steven Hager, an editor at High Times magazine. The Cannabis Cup was started in 1987 and now offers marijuana strains to be judged from all over the world. Everyone wants to be Cannabis Cup winners, but only a few may earn that right.

While there is a chance to be in the top 3 of the Cannabis Cup winners circle, there are even more ways to take home a trophy at the Amsterdam expo.

Included are new categories entries:

  • Indica Cup
  • Sativa Cup
  • Hybrid Cup
  • Seed Company Hash Cup
  • Import Hash Cup
  • Dutch Hash Cup
  • Best Product
  • Best Glass
  • Best Booth

Who are the past Cannabis Cup winners?

1988Skunk #1Cultivator’s Choice
1989Big Bud, Early Pearl/Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5/HazeSeed Bank
1990Northern Lights #5 x SkunkSeed Bank
1991Skunk BallsFree City
1992Haze x Skunk #1Homegrown Fantasy
1993Haze x Northern Lights #5Sensi Seed Bank
1994Jack HererSensi Seed Bank
1995White WidowGreen House
1996White RussianDe Dampkring
1997Peace MakerDe Dampkring
1998Super Silver HazeGreen House
1999Super Silver HazeGreen House
2000BlueberryThe Noon
2001Sweet ToothBarney’s Coffeeshop
2002Morning GloryBarney’s Coffeeshop
2003Hawaiian SnowGreen House
2004Amnesia HazeBarney’s Coffeeshop
2005Willie NelsonBarney’s Coffeeshop
2006Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1Green House
2007G-13 HazeBarney’s Coffeeshop
2008Super Lemon HazeGreen House
2009Super Lemon HazeGreen House
2010Tangerine DreamBarney’s Coffeeshop
2011Liberty HazeBarney’s Coffeeshop
2012Flower Bomb KushGreen House
Cannabis Cup Winners

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