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Basically, portable vaporizers are simply compact full scale vaporizers that fit in your pocket. Vaporizers are devices which increase the temperature of plant product and actually turn it into a vapor instead of a solid smoke. But making them portable for on the go people has been a total success while using groundbreaking technology. WeedPad Portable Vaporizers Using a vape greatly decreases the many number of toxins present in certain kinds of plant material upon combustion when one may use in a portable vaporizers system. Both style of portable vaporizers use an internal rechargeable battery, an external battery or a refillable butane chamber. There are two different kinds of portable vaporizers, the portable herbal vaporizer and the pen vaporizers. Pen Vaporizers: Pen style vapes don’t truly vaporize herbs. They combust them in a more convenient fashion so it’s still smoke (somewhat) and not so much vapor as with a herbal vape. Pen vaporizers are optimal for using e-liquids and essential oils.

Portable vaporizers in the form of pens

Vape pens are more discreet to use than larger portable vaporizers; these handheld vaporizers will generate vapor by heating material inside one of the following containers using the butane combustion process:
  • Atomizer is a chamber containing a small heating coil that creates convection current, vaporizing the active ingredients in the oil or herb cartridge.
  • Cartomizer is a combination of a cartridge and atomizer. In this style of vape, a conduction current occurs because the material is in direct contact with the heating coil.
Whether you’re on the go or lounging at a park, portable vaporizers are the best way to enjoy your product while not creating a plume of smoke. << Standard Vaporizers | Forced Air Vaporizers >>
Disclaimer: Since modern vapor delivery has not been approved by the FDA, no manufacturer can claim that vaporizing is safer and healthier than smoking even though recent studies have indicated so. Therefore, we do not endorse, recommend, or encourage that vapor delivery can be used to cure, diagnose, or prevent ailments and diseases, furthermore this product is intended for aroma flavor delivery and home therapeutic use and not intended for medical purposes or illegal use of any kind.
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