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Advertise with WeedPad services; the medical marijuana community of dispensaries, growers, delivery companies, criminal & civil defense lawyers, bail bonds agents and most importantly… the medical marijuana patient. We feel that the culmination of all these services leads to a better way of life for those of us in the business of helping people get the help they need.Advertise

While we build our community here on WeedPad, we’d like to get your support and one of the easiest ways to show it is to get advertising space somewhere within your niche on this niche weed site.

Our programmers are fierce individuals who believe that “code is poetry” and that targeting the market you need to be in front of is extremely important. It’s why we went a little overboard on building out the design of the site to include a special process to serve ads based on the business niche your company may be in or wish to advertise to.

Take for example the legal pages we have on the site. We believe that serving ads for lawyers and bondsmen make more sense to our readers than showing ads for wild and wacky bongs or soda drink hats.

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Let us know all about your product and send us a review and we’ll look it over. If we don’t get the product to check out we’ll have to go by sight – but we will be honest, brutally. Our readers expect only the finest swag.

Guest Posts

What better way to show Google you’re a serious author than with a guest blog post! You write a post and we put it on our blog (including your links), then we write a post and you put it on your blog (including our links). For this swaparoo you must be in the Google Authorship program. This is a free service in case you were wondering.

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