Cannabis Cup

The 26th Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is almost upon us. The founder of the High Times Cannabis Cup, Steven Hager, began the tourney in 1987.

Marijuana strains from all around the world have a chance of being sampled and judged by VIP judges who will name the person or group creating the best marijuana strain, and to be crowned the Cannabis Cup winners.

In Amsterdam every November, the Cannabis Cup event encompasses not only sampling great strains but it’s diverse in that there is music, science, innovative products and cool people to share these times with.

Each year the Cannabis Cup event sees new marijuana strains added due to the innovation of growers and cannabis seed breeders. Amsterdam is the main venue for this event so there will be a large number of tourists visiting the city. Marijuana is legal in Amsterdam but be forewarned, under Dutch law you may only be legally allowed to have 5 gram maximum per legal aged person.
Cannabis Cup
If you are fortunate to attend the event you’ll see marijuana grow displays, free cannabis testing and sampling. There are always a lot of marijuana strains in the competition vying for the title as the Cannabis Cup Winner of the year. The winning strain gains the most popularity in a short period of time.

Some FAQs About The Cannabis Cup:

Below are some standard questions about the event in Amsterdam. If you have an additional question please feel free to send us a note or tweet.

Who started the Cannabis Cup?

The creator of the Cannabis Cup is Steven Hager.

What are the dates for the 2013 Cannabis Cup?

The 26th Cannabis Cup will be held from November 24 – 28, 2013. The event is held in Amsterdam during the week of Thanksgiving (USA).

Will there be music and an expo this year? Where will it take place?

There is always music! There will be concerts at night at the Melkweg, usually starting at 8PM. For more information about the opening party at Melkweg and other music please visit:
The Cannabis Cup expo takes place at the Amsterdam Roest (see map and directions below). The historic Amsterdam Roest is located near Central Station in downtown Amsterdam.

Can I buy a judges pass at the event?

You can purchase a judges pass at the door ($269.00). Accepted payment at the door is in Euros only and no credit cards will be accepted. The judges pass offers admission to ceremonies, concerts, seminars for the entire expo. It also includes a t-shirt, free bus tours, guide for the expo and the right to VOTE! This is an exceptional deal when considering day passes cost 50 Euro. Purchase can be made online or at the door.

I can’t afford the judges pass, how else can I get in?

You can purchase admission to the expo for 50 euro. These are day passes and can only be purchased at the door.

Does going to Amsterdam entitle me to free weed?

Lullz… no. You can purchase samples at most of the coffeeshops or visit the expo to see which shops have set up booths. Some booths may give free samples but there is no guarantee. Find a friend with weed…,-95.677068&sspn=50.02446,73.828125&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A

We’ll be sure to post the Cannabis Cup winner here in a few weeks. To see the past winners of the cup, click here:

  • Bring cash (convert USD to Euro) to the event. Most credit cards will not be accepted and most vendors at the expo don’t often take credit cards. Some may even give a discount if using Euro.
  • Dutch law prohibits possession of more than 5 grams of weed per legally aged person.