Marijuana Grow Tips to plant without hurting your body

5 Great Marijuana Grow Tips to Plant and Bake Without The Ache

Starting your first marijuana grow of the season is a great way to stay active and have fun in the sun. However many growers sustain injuries that could easily be prevented. The following marijuana grow tips will certainly help you during this growing season. Especially not having to take your own medicine when injuries occur… unless you want to.

Digging, lifting, reaching, bending…that’s what we call exercise! You could be burning up to 300 calories an hour. But, it’s important to limber up first prior to getting out into the grow field. Your joints (no pun intended), muscles, and back will thank you later!

Marijuana Grow Tips 101: It’s Important to Stretch Before You Start

Your thighs: Use a tree or chair for support. Stand tall, bend your right knee and grasp your ankle. Repeat with your left knee.

Your Shoulders: Let your arms hang loose, and rotate our shoulders forward and then

Your Sides: Extend one arm over your head. Bend left from the waist and then right.

Your Hamstrings: Stand, reach your hands to the sky, then bending at the waist, reach towards your toes.

Your Wrists: 1. Hold one arm out in from of you, palm down, and bend your wrist until the fingers point to the ground. Use your opposite hand to hold this position.
2. Keep your arm straight, place your palm in the “stop” position, use your opposite hand to hold this position. 3. Place your hands in the”“prayer” position, and press the palms together.

Your Arms & Shoulders: Hug yourself snugly and slowly rotate at the waist, as far as is comfortable to the left, then right.

Overall conditioning: Take a walk, even on the spot. 10 to 15 minutes should do it. Don’t forget to lift your knees and gently swing your arms. If you’re already high, this will come naturally.

The Right Tools and the Right Moves To Successfully Grow Marijuana

Using proper techniques when farming can go along way to enabling you to plant and rake without the ache. Positioning your body correctly reduces strain on muscles and joints.

  • Alternate: Heavy, light, heavy, light. That’s the right way to handle gorilla growing.
  • Change Hands: Take the strain off by changing the position of your hands.
  • Check your Position: And change it often. Kneel, stand, or simply sit and relax for a while.
  • Lift Right: Bend your knees to lift with ease. Shovel, lift, plant, and rake. Most lifting injuries are preventable if you are aware of the proper lifting techniques. Get close to the load and stand with your feet shoulder width apart, head up, feet and body pointing in the same direction. Knees bent, back straight.

Marijuana Grow Tips and Stretching before you plant
Marijuana Grow Tips and Stretching before you plant

Check the weight of what you are lifting! Use your leg and arm muscles to smoothly and slowly lift the load. Make sure you’re in sync and keep the load close to your body. Pivot with your feet; don’t twist your body while carrying the load.

Time To Plant and Bake Without the Ache

  1. Easy does it! Bend your knees and slowly lower the load to its intended place. Do not lift heavy objects above your waist. Avoid heavy lifting immediately after prolonged bending or kneeling.
  2. Kneel to Plant: Use knee pads or a kneeling mat to reduce the strain while you plant and weed. Keep your back straight and stop frequently to take a break.
  3. Rake Right: Ease the strain on your back by putting one leg in front, the other behind. Switch legs and hands from time to time.
  4. The Right Tools: Choose tools that are ergonomically designed, with padded handles and spring action. Make sure the size and weight are right for you.

These marijuana growing tips will save you hours of pain and body aches. Just knowing how to stretch well before you begin planting and growing marijuana. Also, you should seek a doctors advice when starting any strenuous exercise or outdoor physical activity.

  • A green hose is easier to manage than a green watering can. But, if you are out in the wilderness it may be best to have a small pump running from your water source.
  • Separate a larger load into several smaller ones if you have to backpack in your gear
  • If you can use a cart, use one. Or a dolly. They make moving heavier loads easier
  • A wheelbarrow that is lightweight and has two wheels is a good idea. Typically, one-wheeled wheelbarrows tip easier, especially when your muscles are sore.
  • Select a comfortable, thick soled, supportive shoe
  • Use ergonomically designed, long handled, lightweight tools

Tips for A Healthy Back When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Being in the outdoors is a blessing, but not being prepared is a complete pain in the ass. Especially when you attempt an outdoor marijuana grow and you forget some of the essential components you’ll need to be successful for better health. These are valid points so take a few minutes to reflect about these marijuana growing tips and what they can do to help your body through the growing season.

We aren’t talking just having the best seeds and nutrients; we’re also talking about the common knowledge you need to keep your body intact during this strenuous outing. If you’ve never been an outside farmer before, these marijuana grow tips might just literally, save your back.

  1. Always have the right tools for the task at hand.
  2. Before you start, warm-up your muscles as suggested with the stretching information above.
  3. Ensure you drink plenty of water before & during the gardening process.
  4. Alternate between light and heavy jobs.
  5. Lift correctly and take frequent breaks.
  6. Change positions frequently and kneel to plant and weed.
  7. Heavy loads should be shared or broken down into manageable lifting loads.
  8. Your feet should be protected with thick soled supportive shoes (we also suggest wearing duct-tape on the bottom of your shoes if this is a gorilla grow)
  9. If you are fatigued or feeling hot, it’s best to get out of the sun for awhile and drink plenty of water.
  10. If you are in pain, or have sore muscles from digging, planting, raking, etc – you know what to do… it’s why they call it medicine.

WeedPad hopes these marijuana grow tips helps you and your coops this marijuana growing season right through to harvest and keeping you fit and healthy all at the same time.