Marijuana Growing Supplies

Medical Marijuana Growing Supplies You Need

Marijuana growing supplies at one time used to be expensive and hard to come by, but some of the grow-op supplies were illegal to purchase. This is not the case nowadays as long as the person growing the marijuana is a licensed patient, grower or caregiver.

Where Marijuana Growing Supplies are Used Most

Marijuana growing supplies are used in only two places, outdoors and indoors. Mostly the products for growing weed indoors consists of artificial light, grow boxes, nutrients and other products you can find listed below or in our online grow shop.

Marijuana Growing Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors may take some skill depending on the variety of medical marijuana grown and also the soil quality, sunlight and other natural factors.

Keep in mind your state laws on growing marijuana and which are legal medical marijuana states, but also how many plants you are legally allowed to be growing at any one time.

If you live in a warm climate and have the necessary licensing to grow medical marijuana then outdoors would be the best place to grow marijuana. Keep in mind the necessity for water and of course bandits. We don’t mean bunnies. We mean people who may steal your weed. So, it’s best not to tell anyone that you are growing weed.

Marijuana Growing Indoors

If you live in a colder climate or don’t have the garden space for it you could use an indoor hydroponic unit or even an indoor greenhouse. If you are going to be an indoor grower you’ll need the following area and marijuana growing supplies:

  • A room where the light will not escape.
  • Mylar to reflect any light from the walls and ceiling back to the plant. If you can’t find sheets of mylar you can go to any party store and ask to purchase old mylar balloons. Simply cut open and reverse.
  • Grow lights
  • Timer to turn off the lights.
  • Nutrients – best to go organic.

Look through a few of our top selling medical marijuana growing supplies below to get a better idea of the things you may need for either grow method.

Grow Lights

Grow Kits | Hydroponics

Grow Tents | Rooms

Nutrients and Supplies

Books on How To Grow Marijuana

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own marijuana plants at home, why not start today?