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Marijuana seed bank information for the number one marijuana seeds in the world. Make your seed selection and choose from regular marijuana, feminized marijuana, auto-flower marijuana and other distinct hybrid combinations.

Simply click on the cannabis seed of choice and you’ll be taken to the oldest, most trusted marijuana seed bank store. They offer secure seed purchases online and have been selling cannabis seeds for more than twenty years.

Aside from buying marijuana seeds securely online, you’ll also get same day shipping along with easy order tracking. There are descriptions of the seeds in the marijuana seed bank, photographs of the seeds; all to help you make the perfect choice to add to your cannabis seed collection.

When you purchase your collector seeds you may often receive free cannabis seeds. You can also earn credits towards savings on additional collector cannabis seeds.

There are always new cannabis collector seeds in the marijuana seed bank as well as the original Cannabis Cup winners. You can buy a single collector seed or add a bunch of seeds to your order and save! There’s always a fantastic choice for the serious collector from the best known breeders and world famous marijuana seed bank retailers.

Marijuana Seed Bank Cannabis Seeds



Acapulco Gold Weed ReviewPurchase Acapulco Gold Seeds
Original Afghan #1 Strain ReviewOriginal Afghan #1
Afghan Feminized Strain ReviewAfghan Feminized
AK47 Strain ReviewAK47
AK48 Strain ReviewAK48
AK49 Strain ReviewAK49
Amsterdam Mist Strain ReviewAmsterdam Mist
Blanca Strain ReviewBlanca
Big Bud XXL Strain ReviewBig Bud XXL
Big Marley Cheese Strain ReviewBig Marley Cheese
Big Marley Feminized Strain ReviewBig Marley Feminized
Black Hole Feminized Strain ReviewBlack Hole Feminized
Blueberry Headband Strain ReviewBlueberry Headband
Bubble Cheese Strain ReviewBubble Cheese
California Indica Strain ReviewCalifornia Indica
California Orange Feminized Strain ReviewCalifornia Orange Feminized
California Wildfire Strain ReviewCalifornia Wildfire
Caramel Cream Strain ReviewCaramel Cream
Caramel Cream Auto Strain ReviewCaramel Cream Auto
Cheese Strain ReviewCheese
Cheese Berry Strain ReviewCheese Berry
ChemDawg Strain ReviewChemDawg
Chronic Strain ReviewChronic
Chronic Haze Strain ReviewChronic Haze Original
Chronic Ryder Strain ReviewChronic Ryder Auto
Critical Skunk Strain ReviewCitral Skunk
Cloud #5 Strain ReviewCloud #9
Critical Mass Auto Strain ReviewCritical Mass Auto
Critical Mass Kali Strain ReviewCritical Mass Kali
Critical Mass Strain ReviewCritical Yumboldt
Crystal Cloud Strain ReviewCrystal Cloud
Ed Rosenthal Strain ReviewEd Rosenthal Super Bud
Early Sativa Strain ReviewEarly Sativa
Early Skunk Strain ReviewEarly Skunk
Easy Bud Strain ReviewEasy Bud
Easy Rider Strain ReviewEasy Rider
First Lady Strain ReviewFirst Lady
First White Widow Strain ReviewFirst White Widow
Granddaddy Purple Seeds ReviewGranddaddy Purple
Granddaddy Purple Kush Strain ReviewGranddaddy Purp Ken’s Kush
Granddaddy Purple Strain ReviewGranddaddy Purp Bay 11
Grassomatic Strain ReviewGrassomatic Auto Mass
Hawaii Maui Strain ReviewHawaii Maui Waui
Haze Strain ReviewHaze
Haze #1 Strain ReviewHaze #1
Haze Feminized Strain ReviewHaze Feminized
Humboldt Blueberry Strain ReviewHumboldt Blueberry
Humboldt Green Crack Strain ReviewHumboldt Green Crack
Humboldt Lemon Kush Strain ReviewHumboldt Lemon Kush
Humboldt Pineapple Strain ReviewHumboldt Pineapple
Kush Seeds ReviewKush
Kush Candy Auto Strain ReviewKush Candy Auto
Kush Feminized Strain ReviewKush Feminized
Kush Haze Strain ReviewKush Haze
Master Kush Strain ReviewMaster Kush
Master Haze Strain ReviewMaster Haze
Nevilles Haze Strain ReviewNeville’s Haze
New York City Strain ReviewNew York City
New York Diesel Auto Strain ReviewNew York Diesel Auto
New York Power Diesel Strain ReviewNew York Power Diesel
Northern Lights Seeds ReviewNorthern Lights
Northern Lights Auto Strain ReviewNorthern Lights Auto
Northern Lights Feminized Strain ReviewNorthern Lights Feminized
Northern Lights Auto Strain ReviewNorthern Lights Auto Fem
NL#5 Diamond Strain ReviewNL#5 x Diamond Auto
OG Kush Strain ReviewOG Kush
OG LA Strain ReviewOG LA Affie
OG Lemon Strain ReviewOG Lemon
OG Presidential Strain ReviewOG Presidential
Purple Bud Strain ReviewPurple Bud
Purple Haze Seeds Strain ReviewPurple Haze #1
Rock Bud Strain ReviewRock Bud
Shiva Strain ReviewShiva Shanti
Skunk Seeds Strain ReviewSkunk
Skunk Strain ReviewSkunk #1
Skunnk Autoflower Strain ReviewSkunk Auto
Skunk Feminized Strain ReviewSkunk Feminized
Snow Fruit Strain ReviewSnow Fruit
Thai Strain ReviewThai
Train Wreck Strain ReviewTrain Wreck
White Widow Strain ReviewWhite Widow
White Widow Auto Strain ReviewWhite Widow Auto
White Widow Feminized Strain ReviewWhite Widow Feminized
Autoflower Seeds ReviewAutoflower Marijuana Seeds
Femenized Seeds ReviewFeminized Marijuana Seeds
Bulk Wholesale Deals ReviewBulk Wholesale Deals

In some countries it is legal to collect dormant cannabis seeds for collection, preservation or souvenir purposes. However, it’s illegal to germinate, cultivate or grow those same cannabis seeds unless you have a government-issued license to do so. Please check with your country and/or provincial or state marijuana laws prior to purchase.

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