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WeedPad Marijuana Dispensaries Directory

As continues to grow (pardon the pun) we would like to help medical marijuana patients find the help they need. So we’ve devised a simple marijuana dispensaries directory with listings from throughout the states which have legalized marijuana for patients. Our directory not only includes licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, but also licensed marijuana growers and marijuana delivery companies. You can either use the search bar on your right to find a marijuana dispensary in your area or click any of the links below to the state closest to you, and of course where you are licensed to buy medical marijuana. Some states do allow cross licensing.

Marijuana Dispensary Directory

If you would like more information about which states offer cross licensing please visit our Legal Medical Marijuana States page. Or you can search here for information about US marijuana laws by state.

Are you a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Grower or Delivery Company?

If you would like to be included in our marijuana dispensary directory at no cost please click here or the button below to add your business listing. Or, if you found your listing but need to update, change or add information you can do so as well by clicking the button below. All listings will be approved once validated. This means we may call you or visit your website so please be accurate with your information and also be sure to include the hours you are open. marijuana dispensary
  • A detailed listing helps medical marijuana patients find out more about you. So, if you have a logo please submit it along with your business details.
  • If you are a grower and cater to marijuana dispensaries be sure to include your information about your strains. We find this helps match the dispensary to the grower.
  • If you are a marijuana delivery company be sure to add in your costs for delivery and the distance you will travel within your licensed locale.
We hope you find our information resourceful and useful. If you have any questions, comments, tips or concerns please contact using the contact form provided.

Welcome To the WeedPad Business Directory

We not only included a dispensary directory but also added in growers, delivery companies, lawyers and bail bonds agent. In order to add a new company or edit your existing listing, you will need to sign in here: Sign In. If you wish to add your business to our directory and have never logged in before you will need to register an account. Registration is free and so is listing your business! Register Your Business Here Once registered you will be able to add in as many free listings as you like. Once registered we will validate any and all listings via phone call and by email. If you list a website we will check to see that the site is operational. If the website is under construction please do not add it to your listing until it is complete. We wish for our users to be informed and find quality information, so please fill in all information that you are able.

We accept the following businesses on WeedPad:

  • Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Licensed Medical Marijuana Growers and Co-Ops
  • Licensed Medical Marijuana Delivery Companies
  • Criminal and Civil Defense Lawyers
  • Bail Bonds Agents

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own marijuana plants at home, why not start today?