Legal Medical Marijuana States

These US States Have Legal Medical Marijuana

While growing, dispensing or delivering marijuana is legal in 20 states, there are some pitfalls you’ll need to watch out for if you decide to go into business for yourself. If you’re a medical marijuana patient and want a license to legally purchase marijuana from a legal dispensary, please read the information we have put together on the table below. Please follow the state link to discover more information about the 20 legal medical marijuana states or the state in which you live.

With each new administration, there are always going to be rules enforced and frankly, some that they would rather not fight, especially when you are talking about lawsuits, court cases, arguments and having to win over the people who have entrusted you to serve.

While the federal government has relaxed it’s long arm of the law on the 20 legal medical marijuana states, that’s not to say the new administration will do the same. We wouldn’t call it a “blessing” of state’s pot laws, merely a slight of hand for the moment. So, we suggest you keep all your information legit, pay your taxes and be sure all your t’s are dotted and your i’s crossed.

Legal Medical Marijuana StatesWhile you may get responsibly baked, be sure you can do so legally too. Remember to keep your license with you at all times and keep your stash at home. How not to get arrested being a marijuana patient is important to your health and well being, it also keeps you out of mugshot databases. Here is our table on the legal medical marijuana states:

Legal Medical Marijuana States for Patients

Patient Medical Marijuana Licenses
  • FEE
*** Please note: Laws change often in all states. Please check with your local & state website on this and any other legal matter or consult your attorney.
Alaska1 oz; 3 Mature plants; 3 Immature plants$20 – $25
Arizona2.5 oz; 0-12 plants$75 – $150
California8 oz; 6 Mature or 12 Immature plants$33 – $66
Colorado2 oz; 3 Mature plants; 3 Immature plants$35
ConnecticutOne (1) Month Supply; Limits TBD$UNK
District of Columbia2 oz Dried; Limits TBD$25 – $100
Delaware6 oz.$125
Hawaii7 oz; 3 Mature plants; 4 Immature plants$25
Illinois2.5 ounces for a limit of 14 days$UNK
Maine2.5 oz; 6 Plants (M or I)None
Massachusetts60 Day Supply; Limit TBD$UNK
Michigan2.5 oz; 12 Plants$25 – $100
Montana1 oz; 4 Mature plants; 12 Immature plants$10 – $25
Nevada1 oz; 3 Mature plants; 4 Immature plants$200
New Hampshire1 ounce for a limit of 10 days$UNK
New Jersey2 ounces$20 – $200
New Mexico6 oz; 4 Mature plants; 12 Immature plantsNone
Oregon24 oz; 6 Mature plants; 18 Immature plants$100 – $200
Rhode Island2.5 oz; 12 Plants$10 – $75
Vermont2 oz; 2 Mature plants; 7 Immature plants$50
Washington24 oz; 15 PlantsNone

More information about the legal history of marijuana can be found on
For a more abbreviated version of legal medical marijuana states and to see what the legal penalties are in states which do not allow medical marijuana, visit WeedPad’s US marijuana laws by state information page.

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