Medical Marijuana FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana

Since the explosion of legally being able to purchase and to have recreational marijuana, there have been a number of questions about marijuana that have come our way. So, we’d like to give our readers and newcomers some answers to age-old questions about weed… based on our opinion of course.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) such as “Can you die from smoking weed” to “will I lose weight by smoking weed”… we get all kinds of questions. So what we’re going to do is list them all for you. If you don’t see your question listed please contact us and we’ll get it posted straight away.

No. That is unless of course you get high and run off something tall, like your roof... where obviously you could break your neck. Or driving high - another bad idea. Don't drive high - its the same as driving drunk in our opinion and is not cool. So can smoking marijuana kill you, no. Studies have shown that it would take the power of 800 joints - rolled into one - in order to cause you to overdose on THC. The most anyone I know of has smoked is 6 joints and they simply passed out. Then again, you could get the munchies and try to eat too fast and get something stuck in your throat. Why it's always better to party with friends.
On this one I would say, for an adult, no. But, some studies are suggesting that children are susceptible to brain trauma if given marijuana. IMHO, don't give weed to kids... its just stupid to think people would. Now, CBDs on the other hand, and medication without THC - different story and would need a longer post. But, will smoking weed give you brain damage, not that we know of.
Hmmm. This question comes down to what device or method you'll use to imbibe. But for smoking, you can roll a joint, place in a pipe - smoke as you would a cigarette or pipe. We have a plethora of info on different methods in our How To series.
That all depends on the person smoking and what their personal preference is. Do you need to sleep? Do you need to get rid of nausea... or do you simply want to get fucked up? Bets to ask your dispensary agent or look through our strain guide.
We've been told the best weed to smoke or imbibe is any Kush strain. Possibly White Widow was another alternative, although can be pricey. The real way to tell is to try the different strains to see which works best for your symptoms. Kush is good for calming nausea, clearing pressure behind your eyes, alleviates depression and is an anti-depressant.
You'll need a grinder for reducing your dried plant product into a finer material. A grinder saves you from having to hand-tear your buds which then normally go all over the floor. You place your bud in a grinder, preferably a metal one, and grind for a few seconds. This will save you some time and of course spillage.
To start, you will need some quality rolling paper. Don't buy garbage paper or cheap shit. Remember, this is going in your body so be careful what papers you get. You simply place a small amount of marijuana (ground) into the center of your paper and roll from the inside out. Lick the rolled paper then fold over the edge - this always works best for noobs.

Somewhat. Hemp is a sativa grown for medicinal or industrial use (think rope). Hemp has less than .3% of THC while regular marijuana has 30%

Hash is an extract of a cannabis plant which is dried and then pressed - making hash more concentrated. Also called Hashish

There are several meanings of the word "Kief".

Kief refers mostly to the collections of cannabis flowers and leaves. They are also the amber and white hairds which grow on cannabis flowers.

An older term for Kief, is a mix of finely chopped marijuana and tobacco.

Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. It's only been the last 2500 years or so that humans began to use marijuana, and not for psychedelic effect. Marijuana was grown to make hemp rope and medicine.

It was only later that humans began to use weed for recreational purposes.

For starters, you shouldn't need to stash weed. If you're buying marijuana legally at a dispensary, you'd handle marijuana as you do alcohol; by placing it in your trunk to get it home. If you're trying to stash weed from your roommates, you can try this secret weed stash can safe

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own marijuana plants at home, why not start today?