Mango Marijuana Strain Review Proves to Be Fruity

Mango marijuana strain can almost be compared to Jamaican Pearl weed. Rumor has it that the Mango marijuana strain has been around since the late 1960s. Supposedly, this weed was crossed in 1991-92 with KC33 strain. A pure Indica strain, Mango weed got its name for the smell and the fruity taste.

The Mango marijuana plant is super strong and tall. This heavy yielding plant is ideal for outdoor or greenhouse growing. Gorilla grows of this weed produce maybe 1/3 of the outdoor grow. Knowledgeable farmers will regularly cut off to produce larger, stickier buds due to weird growth. While the buds of the Mango marijuana strain are similar to the Big Bud strain, the crop typically comes in heavier and often than most strains. The Mango buds are colorful and the taste is very sweet.

The strain has a THC content of 20% and long-lasting THC effect. It is often prescribed for chronic back pain and other pains as well as a nausea/appetite remedy.

Some medical marijuana patients who have tried Mango weed have stated they experience a very long period of potency and that due to the THC levels it’s best to try this weed a small dab at a time.

  • Strain Name: Mango
  • Type: Indica/Staive Hybrid
  • Growth Type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Flowering Period: About 9 to 10 weeks
  • Effects: Strong
  • THC Level: 17 to 20%
  • Yield: Indoor Gorilla Grow 150 grams, outdoors 800grams
  • Potency: 3 to 4 hrs
  • Medicinal Properties: may relieve stress, anxiety, pain and depression

Mango marijuana strain

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