Champagne Marijuana Strain Review

The Champagne marijuana strain is an even balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa, tasting just like a mild flowery undertone of champagne and white wine. This medical marijuana strain sharing the name with the very bubbly beverage can make you as happy as the beverage itself. Champagne marijuana strain is a very luxurious weed.

It is advisable for the growers to be little bit experienced before trying to grow this strain. While Champagne weed can be grown indoors or outdoors, it’s advisable to give the plant quite a bit of space. The harvesting cycle is long; roughly 9 to 10 weeks bearing a moderate yield.

Care and maintenance of this weed is important. The novice grower must have patience and be willing to take the time to prune properly and address and issues with the plant. The buds of Champagne marijuana are covered with a heavy outgrowth of trichomes. Which together with the mellow high makes Champagne weed a smokers effort worth it.

Champagne marijuana strain is known for the cool but heady high. This high takes over almost instantaneously and the effect normally last for anything between an hour to and hour-and-a-half.

The extensive medical uses extend from depression, migraines, inflammation, pain relief to many other areas. Many medical marijuana patients feel that the Champagne marijuana strain alleviates their stress, anxiety, insomnia and minor body aches and pains.

Champagne Strain Review includes:

  • Strain Name: Champagne
  • Grade: Indica 50/50 Sativa
  • Taste: Like champagne
  • Effects:
  • Grower Ease: Intermediate
  • Yields: Moderate
  • Medicinal Properties: Alleviates stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and depression
  • Champagne marijuana strain
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