How to make Potka a weed vodka at home

Make Marijuana Vodka

Hands down one of the easiest marijuana recipes to make. Plus, marijuana vodka makes a bad-ass Screwdriver (drink, not the tool… tool).
Marijuana Vodka
To get this process started, we have to remind you that you must be of legal drinking age (in your country) in order to be in possession of; and use/consume vodka. But, if you are 21 or older, rock on, lets go!

Let’s get started; you’ll need some scratch (twigs and stems), a new bottle of your favorite vodka, a strainer and a jar (or old wine bottle).

How Much Vodka Will I need to Make Marijuana Vodka?

This depends entirely on how much you are planning to consume. Realize the time process here is somewhat lengthy, almost (but not quite) as lengthy as our Marijuana Fruit Cake recipe.

What type of items do I need

There is no cooking involved with making Potka. But, I stress that you ensure you clean the vessel (jar or bottle) prior to use. I suggest using a clear wine bottle but that’s my opinion. I’ve made Potka in old spaghetti sauce jars too. It depends on how much cheesecloth you have on hand I suppose.

How to Make Marijuana Vodka

Marijuana Vodka Recipe Potka

Marijuana Vodka – Potka

Recipe Description:

I love making Potka (Marijuana Vodka). It’s one of those set and forget recipes. You simply add the ingredients as listed below and let sit in the sun or other warm place (sunlight is the best though).

Prep Time
30 minutes

Cook Time
30 minutes

Total Time
12 days

Recipe Serves

Recipe Yield
750 ml

Equipment Needed:

  • Empty glass jar or clear wine bottle
  • Piece of cheesecloth, enough to fit over the mouth of the jar (or bottle)
  • Funnel

Ingredients Needed:

  • 3 Cups of Vodka (any brand)
  • 1 ounce of marijuana (buds, stems, trim, leaves etc.)


  1. Fetch your bottle of favorite vodka. You’ll only need half the bottle for this recipe.
  2. Grab your empty jar. An old spaghetti jar or better, clear glass wine bottle. Make sure you’ve cleaned not only the jar or bottle, but the inside of the cap.
  3. Bring out your weed. This is a great recipe for using up your stems, clippings and small leaves.
  4. Take your stems, trim, leaves etc and place into the vessel (jar or bottle). If using a wine bottle, the plant matter typically will not come out. Keep that in mind when recycling or pitching in the trash.
  5. Pour three cups of vodka into the jar or bottle. Of course if you’re using an old bottle, use a funnel.
  6. Once filled cap and place on a windowsill where no one will disturb it. It’s going to sit here for 12 long days… mark your calendar.
  7. Once 12 days has passed and you bottle has gotten plenty of fun in the sun, time to transfer your Potka back to the original vodka bottle.
  8. Open your vodka bottle and insert funnel.
  9. Grab that cheesecloth and place over the mouth of the jar and begin to slowly pour the Potka into the vodka bottle. The cheesecloth will catch all the marijuana stems and such.
  10. All transferred? Wash out the jar and get ready for your next batch of marijuana vodka. Cheers!
  1. Every couple of days give the bottle a good shake. Chill as it lasts longer when poured over ice.