Chocolope Marijuana Strain Review

This Chocolope marijuana strain is a 4 time cup winner. This perfect weed hybrid of Sativa and Indica can cause an addiction if the patient loves chocolate! 🙂 Chocolope claims it’s inheritance from Chocolate Thai (Lemon Thai) and Cannalope Haze.

Chocolope weed is a beginning growers dream. It is extremely easy to grow, but, this weed grows quite tall so be prepared to have the space available. If you are limited on space in an indoor grow you might want to wait until spring to plant outdoors. Chocolope weed has quite a huge harvest and large, heavy nugs. Chocolope also has a shorter flowering time.

This is a weed straight out of the 1980’s but it still kicks ass today. The dense, light green shaded buds are frosted in orange and red hairs. This strain smells minty with a bit of sweetness taste and has a similar aroma with the pungent Skunk scent undertone. Sativa (dominant 60%) and Indica (40%).

The Chocolope strain is a top grade medical marijuana which has many medicinal properties and is ideal for conditions like stress, anxiety, pain, depression and possibly a loss of appetite.

The effects of Chocolope strain medical marijuana will offer the medical marijuana patient uplifting vibes and energetic, yet relaxing tones. Higher doses may make a patient really sleepy, that being said it also may be good for insomnia.

Chocolope Strain Review Here:

  • Strain Name: Chocolope
  • Type: Hybrid Sativa | Indica
  • Looks: Dense nugs, orange and red hairs
  • Taste: Chocolate, Fruity
  • Effects: Relaxing
  • THC Levels: 16% and higher
  • Medical Purposes: alleviates stress, insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression and loss of appetite
  • Chocolope Marijuana Strain

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