Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD

Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD for the Ginormous Grow

This Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD will have you growing ginormous buds. These are the medical marijuana grow basics that every professional grower has read… but now on DVD. Get the High Times Growers Series on DVD.

Get started with your grow fast using the Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD to get you started in the right grow direction. From soils to lighting and how to secure your grow, if you’re interested in marijuana horticulture, this DVD set is going to save you serious cash and a lot of time.

Include Hydroponics and advanced outdoor techniques. This DVD set even includes information on how to make your own hash! Order now!Indoor Marijuana Horticulture for Beginners and Old Pros

  • Step By Step Instructions
  • Hydroponic and Advanced Grow Information and Green Thumb Techniques
  • A High Times Series DVD
Jorge Cervantes ultimate grow DVD
Jorge Cervantes ultimate grow DVD

Make this years grow the best you’ve ever had. Or, if you’re a novice grower make the first grow (and every grow after) the very best.

Even if you’re a seasoned pro medical marijuana grower, there’s sure to be a number of horticulture tips on the DVD to tweak your grow to make it just a bit better. Just don’t forget your cannabis seeds!

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