Blue Thunder Marijuana Strain Review

Blue Thunder marijuana strain, the Indica Dominant hybrid, earned the name for its ability to strike the entire body in one hit just like the lightning and thunder strike. Blue Thunder weed has got thick nugs, dusted with orange hairs and frosted with glittery crystals.

Blue Thunder marijuana strain weed was created from the famous Matanuska Tundra and a blend of Blueberry. Blue Thunder weed is a most flavorful hybrid. The combination produces flowers with a slightly larger cola diameter and containing the flavors and aroma of Blueberry.

Very light till broken open, the most pre-dominant smell is of burnt tires or wild flowers (depending on your sniffer), accompanied with the taste of pine nuts.

Blue Thunder marijuana strain begins with a light buzz throughout the body, making the medical marijuana patient feel peaceful and relaxed almost instantly. For the medical marijuana patient the energy level is there in a short period of time. This indicant dominant hybrid has the ability to make anyone feel happy and content.

Some medical marijuana patients claim that Blue Thunder weed alleviates the feeling of lethargy, stress and depression. The high from this medical marijuana lasts much longer than most weed. The Blueberry taste cannot be forgotten and brings patients back for more.

Blue Thunder marijuana strain review:

  • Strain Name: Blue Thunder
  • Type: Hybrid – Indica dominant
  • Looks: Dense nugs dusted with orange hairs
  • THC content: Potent
  • High: Energetic
  • Medicinal Properties: Alleviates lethargy, stress and depression. Makes the medical marijuana patient feel more energetic
  • Blue Thunder marijuana strain

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