Blackberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review

The Blackberry Kush marijuana strain is the daughter of Afghani and Blueberry. The Blackberry Kush weed strain is an attractive hybrid of Sativa and Indica; but predominantly Indica (80% Indica | 20% Sativa). The green colored leaves tinted with dark purple are so dark which looks almost like black earning the name for the strain.

The Blackberry Kush marijuana strain weed takes about 60 to 65 days to mature, producing a medium yield at harvest. Like the leaves of the Blackberry Kush, the nugs also are dark green yet tinted with a beautiful purple and black motif. The leaves are amazing as they are also thickly frosted with trichomes, making it heavy like the original blackberry.

The Blackberry Kush marijuana strain is well known for the scent and flavor. The scent is conspicuously sweet akin to berries, with a sharp Kush hint. The flavor is definitely sweet with a smooth inhale and heady exhale. Most medical marijuana patients prefer this strain to others just based on the smoothness of the smoke and the wonderful scent it produces.

Blackberry Kush weed’s high is very strong and it is advisable to avoid using this medical marijuana strain during day time if you have to operate heavy machinery, drive an automobile of boat based solely on the couch-lock effects you are going to feel for a few hours.

Blackberry Kush marijuana strain review:

  • Strain Name: Blackberry Kush
  • Type: Indica dominant (80%)
  • Parentage: Afghani and Blueberry
  • Maturation Cycle: 60 to 65 days
  • Yield: Medium
  • Effects: A relaxing couch-lock
  • Medicinal Effects: Alleviates nausea, stress and anxiety

Blackberry Kush marijuana strain

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