Mr Frosty Marijuana Strain Review

The Mr Frosty marijuana strain is an Indica dominant variety and claims its parentage from Mr. Nice Guy and the ultimate; White Widow. Though the Mr.Frosty strain is highly potent, there is really no flavor to describe it.

Most dispensaries and growers agree that this weed is the best option to relieve body aches and pain without causing sedation. The THC content of 12 to 16% is high enough to feel the effect at the same time there are no sleepy side effects are present.

This plant should be grown indoors just like it’s parents since Mr. Frosty has got a higher rate of failure in the great outdoors. The plant is very strong indoors and can survive even in the absence of proper watering and nutrient feeding. But don’t miss those feeding times!

The buds on this very special weed are dark green with amber trichomes. The normal height of the fully grown up plant is 4 to 5 feet tall and the harvesting cycle is 9 to 10 weeks with a moderate yield. While the harvesting time might be a little long, the outcome for Mr Frosty weed is amazing.

Many medical marijuana patients say that the Mr. Frosty weed strain is helpful in treatment of vomiting, relief of pain, migraine headaches, swelling and stress. This medical marijuana also offers a pleasant and satisfying body high.

Mr Frosty Marijuana Strain Review Uncovers

  • Strain Name: Mr. Frosty
  • Type: Indica dominant
  • Parentage: Mr. Nice and White Widow
  • Yields: Moderate
  • Potency: High
  • Looks: The buds are dark green with amber trichomes
  • Medicinal Properties: relief of pain, chemo pain, vomiting, migraine headaches, stress and swelling
  • Mr Frosty Marijuana Strain

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