Chiesel Marijuana Strain Review

The Chiesel marijuana strain is a widely accepted cross of two popular medical marijuana strains; Cheese and NYC Diesel. Developed by Big Buddha, the strain got the name from the parents. It is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa although it is 60% Sativa dominant. Big Buddha seeds are well known for their great germination rate.

The Chiesel marijuana strain nugs are light and dull green colored and coated with dark red hairs and glitters with crystals like a diamond. The nug is so damn sticky it will glue itself to your fingers, have fun licking that off!

Mature plants may grow up to one and a half meters high when grown outdoors. These mature plants are a deep, dark green and have narrow pointy leaves (as pictured). Chiesel weed has a very short flowering period of only 8 to 10 weeks. It is said that Chiesel marijuana contains 18% THC and 1.4% CBD.

The pungent smell is a perfect mixture of Cheese and Diesel with Cheese blocking the sour Diesel smell. The intoxicating flavor is a blend of alcohol with grapes. Chiesel marijuana strain is a potent and resinous strain and can produce a very high yield under optimum conditions, indoors or out.

The high allows medical marijuana patients to be energetic and happy but at the same time not very high. Some medical marijuana patients claim that Chiesel marijuana strain weed alleviates their stress levels, nausea and headaches.

Chiesel marijuana strain

  • Strain Name: Chiesel
  • Type: Hybrid of Sativa and Indica
  • Parentage: NYC Diesel and Cheese
  • Smell: Highly pungent
  • Effects: Energetic, happy high
  • Medicinal Effects: Alleviates stress, nausea and headaches
  • Chiesel marijuana strain

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