Romulan Marijuana Strain Review

Romulan marijuana strain is a splendid hybrid Indica Dominant strain that comes strongly recommended from all Trekkie stoners. Though Romulan is highly Indica Dominant it has some Sativa genetics that give it some unique characteristics.

Romulan weed strain is a prominent purple stemmed weed. It is squat and widely bushy with dark green wide fingered leaves and thick buds. This medical marijuana strain is best suited for a sea of green type garden. Romulan marijuana strain has a moderate yield for a knowledgeable grower. A fully mature weed will produce about a half pound of firm nuggets outdoors. The plant is slightly vulnerable to mold hence drier climates are preferred. The weed smells a bit fruity… almost like lemon but also has a distinct peppery finish.
Romulan marijuana strain
Romulan marijuana strain is easy to spot not only by its strong scent (which is similar to pine), but also by it’s buds. Romulan flowers in around 60 days. The buds are light green dense buds, generously covered in resin and with lots of orange hairs. It has a very high bud to leaf ratio with four very big main colas.

Romulan Marijuana Strain tastes like citrus on the inhalation and very spicy and hashy on exhalation. The smoke is very strong, gives up a powerful couch lock and makes concentrating a thing of the past. The buzz from this medical marijuana lasts for more than 2 hours. Romulan marijuana strain is a great pain reliever for marijuana medical patients and insomnia, stress, anxiety and lack of appetite.

Romulan Marijuana Strain Review Clairified

  • Strain Name: Romulan
  • Type: Indica dominant
  • Looks: Light green, dense, frosty buds
  • Smell: Fruity smell
  • Taste: The smoke is spicy but smooth
  • Buzz Type: A strong head and body buzz
  • Buzz Length: 2+ hours
  • Medicinal Properties: Great for pain relief, insomnia, stress, anxiety and lack of appetite
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