Zero Gravity Marijuana Strain Review

The name Zero Gravity reminds us of floating effortlessly through space and time. This Zero Gravity marijuana strain review offers well deserved respect for the floating effect we get on having this. This multi hybrid Indica dominant strain, has its parentage from an Afghani and an unknown Indica plant.

The Zero Gravity marijuana strain started getting into fame from Amsterdam before shipping to the United States.

We understand from experienced, licensed medical marijuana growers that Zero Gravity marijuana strain is very easy to grow and only requires basic care, attention and nutrients. The harvest cycle of this weed is 65 days to 70 days giving very heavy yields.

One of the more common issues with Zero Gravity weed strain is where to grow it. An indoors or outdoor grow? We’ve determined based on the overall height of the plant that it is best grown outdoors. That is unless of course you have very tall ceilings in your guerrilla grow room.

As most good smokers would confirm without any doubt, Zero Gravity marijuana strain has many medical usages.The couch lock body high relieves the pain go away in a flash. Effective for pain and anxiety, Zero-G has lasting effects that calm the soul.

Zero Gravity Marijuana Strain Review Information

  • Strain Name: Zero Gravity
  • Type: Multi/Hybrid Indica
  • Parentage: Afghan and unknown Indica Strain
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Medical Purposes: Pain, anxiety, insomnia
  • Zero-Gravity marijuana strain
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