Green Spirit Marijuana Strain Review by WeedPad

The Green Spirit marijuana strain is a cross between the most widely accepted medical marijuana strain of Big Bud and Skunk #1. The dominant Sativa strain from the blend of Sativa and Indica gives out high effects and lasts longer and can be used for all types of medical ailments.

The Green Spirit marijuana strain is the creation of Amsterdam based, Dutch Passion Seed Company, If you recall, White Widow strain is the flagship seed of the Dutch Passion Seed Company.

The Green Spirit weed strain gives heavy to super heavy yield after every 55 to 64 day cycle if the pH is balanced properly. Green Spirit weed grows best indoors with CO2 supplementation and strong HID light.

The vegetation period is the most crucial period of the Green Spirit as the root needs to go deep so as to be strong to hold up the weight of its heavy frosted buds. This weed is certainly meant for an outdoor grow in quality soil. While one could attempt an indoor grow, it’s in our opinion the plants may not make it to harvest.

Many medical marijuana patients describe that Green Spirit marijuana alleviates anxiety, lowers stress, reduces bodily aches and pains and often lifts spirits curbing feelings of depression.

Green Spirit Marijuana Strain Review yields:

  • Strain Name: Green Spirit
  • Type: Indica | Sativa
  • Parentage: Big Bud and Skunk #1
  • Yields: Heavy to very heavy
  • Best Grown: Indoors
  • Effect: Strong Sativa high, quick to hit
  • Medical: alleviates stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain and depression
  • Green Spirit marijuana strain

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