Blockhead Marijuana Strain Review

Blockhead marijuana strain is an Indica Dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Sweet Tooth and an unknown donor. This strain is formally known as Buruandi from Genehtik Seeds. The strain has powerful physical effects accompanied by intense psychoactive effects that make this strain unfit for patients who are unstable.

Blockhead marijuana strain is a big dark green, mainly columnar weed with more branches when grown outdoors. Indoor the plant can reach a height of 5 feet. This weed likes dry climate because of the large flowers. The average flowering period is 52 to 72 days and the yield is moderately high.

Blockhead marijuana strain has large thick buds and each bud has a golf ball like nug. The bud to leaf ratio is high. The center of the dense and thick nug is colonized by trichomes that look like frosted crystals which can be seen in every piece of this beautiful bud.

Large quantities of orange hairs generally wrap this purple to light green strain. The flowers are big and brown in color. The strain has powerful earthy smell with musky and slightly sweet tinge.

Blockhead is not for the inexperienced user as it has a powerful couch-lock effect. The strain is good for medical marijuana patients to ease insomnia, stress, pain, depression and migraines.

Blockhead Marijuana Strain Review Simplified

  • Strain Name: Blockhead
  • Type: Indica dominant
  • Flowering Period: 52 to 72 days
  • Looks: Large, dark green and extremely dense buds
  • Smell: Strong earthy smell
  • Taste: Not quite as heavy as the smell, more sweet
  • Potency: High
  • Medicinal Purposes: To relieve insomnia, stress, pain, depression and migraines
  • Blockhead marijuana strain

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