Blue Goo Marijuana Strain Review

Blue Goo marijuana strain is a hybrid child of Blue Dream and Indica Afgoo. This strain is Sativa Dominant. and gives a quality buzz. Blue Goo is one of the prettiest marijuana strains with a sturdy average height weed that can be cultivated very fast.

Blue Goo weed is very adaptable and can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors. The yield varies according to the care given and the environment in which it is grown. Some growers believe a better crop of Blue Goo weed is created outdoors only. The weed can be harvested in 65 to 75 days.

Blue Goo marijuana strain grows to become bushy. The buds grow plentiful and have an average density. They are dark green and are covered with orange colored hair giving it a creamy orange appearance. The buds are very icky-sticky with no seeds and have a small stem that sort of smells like blueberry.

This weed has a spicy sweet and reviving smell and the taste is very sweet with a silky feel on exhale.

Blue Goo marijuana strain has a relaxed body boosting head high that doesn’t come on too fast. It has a medium to high potency level and gives the medical marijuana patient complete and happy feelings.

This strain is appropriate for day or night time use and is good for treating depression, nausea, stress, glaucoma, anxiety, insomnia etc in medical marijuana patients.

Blue Goo Marijuana Strain Review Explained

  • Strain Name: Blue Goo
  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • Parentage: Blue Dream x AFgoo
  • Flowering Period: 65 to 75 days
  • Looks: Bright with a deep green and a creamy orange look
  • Smell: Tangy sweet and zesty
  • Taste: Sweet and Smooth
  • Medicinal Purposes: Good strain for depression, nausea, stress, glaucoma, anxiety and insomnia
  • Blue Goo marijuana strain

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