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About Marijuana Fertilizer Nutrients

The marijuana fertilizer and nutrients pack helps give your plants a boost. It’s everything your marijuana plants need, and nothing they don’t. Get a great harvest with this complete grow kit which includes?

  • Seedling Fertilizer
  • Growtime Fertilizer
  • Flowertime Fertilizer
  • Plant Booster!

Marijuana Fertilizer & Nutrients Kit Content Info

This marijuana fertilizer set contains all the nutrients you need to feed 5 plants from seedling to harvest.

Seedling Fertilizer

Marijuana nutrients seedling fertilizer Bergmans Seedling Fertilizer helps plants grow healthy using a blend of nutrients designed for young plants. Seedling fertilizer is used during the starting stage of a plant’s growth and development to fortify the roots and encourage healthy growth.

Grow Time Fertilizer

Marijuana nutrients plant boost fertilizer Bergman’s Growtime Fertilizer helps to protect plants from diseases while improving soil. Your plants can get stronger, healthier root system and better nutrient retention. Growtime fertilizer helps improve microbial activity will make the plants thrive. A must for any plant cultivator.

Flower Time Fertilizer

Marijuana nutrients grow time fertilizer Bergmans Flowertime Fertilizer contains a high levels of nitrogen & potassium concentration. The abundance of potassium that stimulates the production of strong, potent buds. Use: Apply a bloom fertilizer as soon as plants start forming flowers, and apply throughout the flowering stage.

Plant Booster

Marijuana nutrients flower time fertilizer Bergmans Plant Booster is a flowering stimulator with nutritional power. Plant Booster is added to plants during the last stages of vegetative phase to induce early flowering. This bloom fertilizer gives your flowers more time to develop into full, rich buds. During flowering, the Plant Booster will improve soil strength, root structure and nutrient retention. Heavier yields and increased quality should be expected.

Free Marijuana Care Guide

Learn how best to care for your plant from seed to harvest with free marijuana grow course and support forum. Join enthusiasts like yourself and get started today!

Intro to Growing Marijuana

Support Forum

Free How to Grow Book!

Download the free grow book before you order to learn which plant is right for your location and planting style.

Marijuana Fertilizer

Now it’s time to feed and protect your plants. You’ve invested in quality cannabis seeds and spent time learning how to germinate and cultivate your plants.
Seedling to harvest, all the nutrients your plants need
Nutrients to feed as many as 5 plants
Great for Soil and Hyrdoponic grow systems


Marijuana Plant NutrientsMarijuana Fertilizer Pack