Grams to Pounds Weed Weight Conversion Chart

This grams to pounds weed weight conversion chart is for basic units of measuring “medical marijuana”. This metric conversion chart will help take the guesswork out of the proper weight for your medical marijuana. Some people are scared by the metric system, don’t be. This handy guide will have you trading properly in no time at all.

Simple Weed Weight Conversion Calculator

The four (4) most important measurements in the medical marijuana metric conversion is

  • 30 grams = 1 ounce
  • 60 grams = 2 ounces
  • 75 grams = 2.5 ounces (roughly)
  • 450 grams = 1 pound (if you are purchasing or selling this kind of weed weight we don’t think you are a patient any longer but are now a dealer or dispensary. This kind of weight screams dealer and will certainly attract the authorities. Know your legal state medical marijuana laws.

Marijuana Oz to lb Conversion Chart Facts

When someone mentions a dime bag (usually $10), or quarter bag ($25), half ounce or ounce keep in mind the prices may vary depending on the strain. A better unit of measurement is your own finger across the bag, that is, unless you have tiny baby hands, then you’re screwed.

It’s at that point it might be worthwhile to carry a portable digital scale with you when you purchase your medical marijuana. Or, you can simply print this weed weight conversion chart to keep with you. You might look like a weed noob whipping this out in the dispensary, alley or wherever… but, you won’t get burned when it comes to weighing weed. You can download and print a copy of the WeedPad Weed Weights Conversion chart by clicking the big green button below:

One of the better portable digital scales we’ve seen on the market is this one featured on Amazon. It’s American Weigh Signature Series Silver/Black AWS-100 digital pocket scale that’s easy to clean and easy to carry. Comes with 2 “AA” batteries to power the digital backlit LCD display. It features a flip open lid which protects the weighing surface. A truly fine portable scale.

Another quality scale we’ve found is this weed weight scale built into a CD Rom case. Coolness is that you have a choice of image covers which include Notorious BIG, 2 Pac, or Snoop Dogg cover. You can keep this CD scale in your car, home cd collection or even leave on your desk and no one will know its your weed weight scale. Click for more information: CD Weed Scale.weed cd scale

Weed Weights Charts and Measurement Conversions Calculator

Some of the terms you’ll hear for a weed weight conversion chart come from a time when having a scale wasn’t common and digital scales hadn’t yet been invented. So weighing the weed wasn’t as commonplace as it is today. Since no one had a weed weight chart video back in the day to show them how to weigh weed, they had to use their fingers as a standard reference for the amount of weed sold. Quarters were two finger bags, half ounce was a three finger bag, an ounce was a four finger bag.

  • 1 gram = 1 joint or 1 bowl
  • Dime: 3 to 4g
  • Quarter: 6 to 7g
  • Half Ounce: 14 to 15g
  • Ounce: 29 to 30 grams

Weed Weight Conversion Chart – Grams to Pounds | Ounces

This weed weight calculator can convert four different units of measurement for your weed at one time. To use it, choose your unit at the first line and enter the a number in the box beside it, then click the convert button. It automatically converts your choice to all five units.
weed weight conversion chart

WeedPad Weed Weight Converter

Select Weight Unit Amount

View This Weed Weight Chart or You Can Download this Chart Clicking the Link Above

Grams Pounds | Ounces
10 grams 0.35 oz
20 grams 0.71 oz
25 grams .88 oz
30 grams 1 oz
50 grams 1.76 oz
75 grams 2.65 oz
100 grams 3.5 oz
150 grams 5.3 oz
175 grams 6.2 oz
200 grams 7 oz
225 grams 7.9 oz | 1/2 lb
250 grams 8.8 oz
275 grams 9.7 oz
300 grams 10.6 oz
350 grams 12.3 oz
375 grams 13.2 oz
400 grams 14.1 oz
425 grams 15 oz
450 grams 16 oz | 1 lb
500 grams 1 lb 2 oz
700 grams 1.5 lb
750 grams 1 lb 10 oz
1 kgrams 35.2 oz | 2.25 lbs
1.25 kgrams 2 lbs 12 oz
1.5 kgrams 3 lbs 5 oz
2 kgrams 4.5 lbs
2.25 kgrams 5 lbs


Nowadays most medical marijuana strains may come in pre-packaged baggies. Keep in mind that these baggies and the white labels depicting what is in the baggy have their own weight. Some of the new plastic being used, especially the BPA free plastic is a tad heavier. So, you could be losing 1/2 a gram to a full gram when you purchase your medical marijuana. Ask your caregiver or dispensary agent to open the package and weigh it out for you. You may find they are a tad short. This could lead to complications and trust later on down the road.