Strain Hunters India Expedition | Greenhouse Seeds

Strain Hunters India Expedition by Greenhouse Seeds. This is a fantastic documentary that brings the men to India during celebrations, great weather and of course, some of the finest strains growing in remote mountain areas.

Strain Hunters India Expedition | If you look close enough, the video has over 2 million views, over 11,000 likes but oddly enough, and ironically enough – 420 dislikes. It’s clear that 420 people on YouTube are assholes.

Strain Hunters India Expedition Cultural Documentary

Anyhow, Strain Hunters India Expedition, is a terrific documentary that shows great Indian culture and of course some of the finest strains in the world. The crew goes all out in depicting positive India cultural references while maintaining their search for landrace weed.

Heirloom marijuana grows in what is deemed a “landrace” of finding the purest marijuana with which to build stronger strains. Once the heirloom weed is found, the seeds of the plant are brought back to the Greenhouse Seeds lab and seed library. I urge you to watch the video and become more aware of the many topical/tropical plants that will help curb the pain of medical marijuana patients.

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