Healthier Ways to Smoke Weed

Smoking marijuana for recreation or medication leaves one to imagine if there are healthier ways to smoke weed? From what we discovered in our research was that there are always alternatives to how you smoke marijuana. Talking with marijuana smokers, and some self-medication ourselves, WeedPad found that out of the number of different ways to smoke weed; there really is only one good way to keep it healthy.

Medical marijuana patients who are simply looking to relieve nausea shouldn’t be subjected to harmful chemical laden rolling papers. Or for that matter, marijuana wrapped with tobacco leaves. There’s just something not organically healthy about using blunt wrappers to smoke weed.

Healthy Ways to Smoke Weed?

It’s important to note that none of the methods of smoking weed are particularly a favorite among marijuana patients (or those at the recreational level). Most simply want the pain to go away, but not have to inhale smoke to do so.Ways To Smoke Weed

Starting from the best to not so good, in our opinion, are the top 5 ways to smoke weed:

  1. Vaporizers: By far one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed. Actually you aren’t really smoking at all, the vaporizer is. You are simply pulling vapor from the vape as it has used internal heating element to heat cooled air. Read more here about using a vaporizer and vaporizer facts.
  2. Bongs: While a bong may filter out carcinogens, it also filters out the THC causing the user to smoke more for the desired effect. You also get a larger hit of smoke which can hurt your lungs. Some state their lungs feel like they are burning after using a bong; not from heat but from the amount of smoke.
  3. Pipes: Smoking from a pot pipe or other pipe, is inherently bad in our opinion. It allows the hottest smoke to enter your lungs and really doesn’t filter out any impurities, tar or other matter.
  4. Joints: While the paper is essentially burning as you’re smoking weed. So, you are still pulling hot smoke into your lungs. As well, the rolling paper people use to roll joints is not organic. Most rolling paper is bleached, unless you used all natural rolling papers.
  5. Blunts: Like most tobacco products, they generally have chemicals and pesticides sprayed on them. That is unless you can find an organic source. Most are flavoured and while they may taste good, you’re still drawing in hot smoke into your lungs, as well, now it’s tobacco smoke. A blunt wrapper is simply a large tobacco leaf normally used for cigars. It’s somewhat like smoking cigarettes and weed. While the weed won’t hurt you, the hot smoke and the tar from the tobacco could.

After reading the five ways to smoke weed from above one understands that “marijuana smoke” is not as healthy as using a vaporizer. Smoke is often hot and has other additives that can’t be burned off or filtered out. Using a vaporizer provides a cleaner way to get your medication. Thus, we believe that using a vaporizer is the healthiest way to smoke weed.

Low Vaporizer Pricing

Due to increased vaporizer technology, prices for vapes have dropped considerably these past few years. As they gain more lead in the marijuana marketplace we will be seeing even lower prices in the next 18 months. As more firms compete in this multi-billion dollar marijuana gold-rush of opportunity, we will start to see more brands, designs and increased affordability.


For more information about the latest and greatest vaporizers on the market, check out our review of the best forced air vaporizers. A forced air vaporizer is one of the most popular choices when it comes to healthier ways to smoke weed. What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below on the many ways to smoke weed.