Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana Strain Review

The Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain has Skunk #1 as an ancestor. Island Sweet Skunk is a marijuana strain which reminds us of the islands. A peaceful glide into a great place where your body aches and pains subside leaving you with inner peace. A great daytime smoke, leaves you energetic, happy, pleasant and on a cloud.

Some growers believe that growing Island Sweet Skunk weed may be a bit tough for the beginner. But, if the beginner grower is patient, the bounty that Island Sweet Skunk marijuana brings is pure heaven.

Island Sweet Skunk has nugs that are dark green of moderate density, covered with bright orange hairs. Though the weed is a Sativa-Indica hybrid, Sativa dominates the plant at a range of 70%/30%.

The Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain review of this weed finds some unusual earthy undertones. It also has flavors with some hashy tones that will leave you smiling. The first hit of the Island Sweet Skunk strain will make you think of tropical islands and the sweet, heady scent of skunky weed.

Medically, it’s said that this weed brings great relief to stomach pains and alleviates nausea and body aches.

Island Sweet Skunk Strain Review More Info

  • Strain Name: Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana
  • Type: Hybrid – Sativa dominant
  • Parentage: Skunk #1
  • THC Potency: Lasts about 2 hours
  • Effects: Upbeat, active high
  • Looks: The nugs look somewhat dense
  • Medical Purposes : stomach pains, bodily aches, alleviates nausea and other general medical uses
  • Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain

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