Apollo 13 Marijuana Strain Review Spaced Us Out

Apollo 13 marijuana strain is a cross product of Genius female and P75 male. The strain is a Sativa Dominant one generating energetic and uplifting head high that nearly hallucinating. The strain always received praise and appreciation as expected for its celebrated lineage.

Apollo 13 marijuana strain weed is not fussy to grow and often suggested for inexperienced medical marijuana growers. The weed grows in the traditional Christmas tree style which makes it a special joy around the holidays.

The flowering cycle of the Apollo 13 weed is roughly 7 to 8 weeks yielding large sticky buds. The yield produced by Apollo 13 is heavy in most cases, particularly when grown in Sea of Green setups.

The aroma of Apollo 13 marijuana is distinctive and pungent. The scent gives off an almost peppery and earthy smell; one with a tone of sour fruit and citrus. The taste of Apollo 13 weed is that of herbal tea with an skunky after taste.

Apollo 13 marijuana strain has been known to have very strong medicinal properties to help medical marijuana patients function well on a daily basis. Apollo 13 is highly recommended for stress, depression, anxiety, minor body aches and pain and lack of appetite.

The Apollo strain causes a floaty high which make you feel like you’re floating through the sky. It’s also noted that you may develop very deep cravings, for the things you want most. But no couch lock effect is created, so can be used during day or night. The buzz lasts for a solid 2 to 3 hours.

Apollo 13 Marijuana Strain Review Revealed

  • Strain Name: Apollo 13
  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • Parentage: P75 x Genius
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Period: 7 to 8 weeks
  • Looks: Long, cone shaped buds covered in trichomes
  • Smell: Very unique
  • Taste: Spicy, earthy, tea like taste
  • Medicinal Properties: Highly recommended for stress, depression, anxiety, body aches and pain and lack of appetite
  • Apollo 13 marijuana strain

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