Alien Dawg Marijuana Strain Review Whams the Crowd

Alien Dawg marijuana strain is the outcome of a mating between Alien Technology and the Chemdog D strain. Though the hybrid exhibits qualities of both its parents, it is a Sativa Dominant strain with a THC content up to 20%.

Alien Dawg marijuana strain is a very adaptable weed with a slight diesel odor, This particular weed is comfortable in both an indoor and outdoor grow setting. It is an easy to cultivate weed even for beginner growers. The weed may grow to a more than average height that is ideal for even confined spaces. So if you’re doing a guerrilla grow (gorilla grow to some), be sure you have some headroom. The weed is quite tough and is not easily infected by common sicknesses.

Alien Dawg marijuana is not the usual fast flowering marijuana strain. Flowering time with this weed could be around 8 weeks or earlier depending on the care it is given. The flowers of this particular weed strain have a strong floral and citrus smell.

The buds of Alien Dawg weed are thick and light green with the center bud larger than the others. The buds have orange hairs and perhaps the most trichomes crystals generously topping the buds and extending to its leaves. The buds have a much delayed slight bitterness otherwise no taste at all.

Alien Dawg marijuana strain creates a very strong buzz to mind and body. Medical marijuana patients use Alien Dawg weed for relief from migraines, body aches and pain, anxiety, arthritis and depression.

Alien Dawg Marijuana Strain Review Explained

  • Strain Name: Alien Dawg
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering Period: Around 8 weeks
  • Looks: Light green with orange hairs and trichomes
  • Smell: Slightly diesel like
  • Taste: No taste at all but slightly earthy
  • THC Content: Around 20%
  • Medicinal Properties: For relief from migraine, body aches and pain, anxiety, arthritis and depression
  • Alien Dawg marijuana strain

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