Tangerine Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Tangerine Kush marijuana strain review of this tropical weed we believe earned its name for the halo of bright orange hairs which covers the bud and the citrus-tasting kick it gives to this marijuana. The dense buds which are coated in dark orange/red hairs and crystals are amazing to watch as they flower.

The delightful citrus smell spread out from the bud is like Kush and Diesel, which flood all over the place. The distinct flavor also has Kush like qualities with an undertone of pine.

Tangerine Kush marijuana strain is a very powerful Indica and is so very highly potent. Due to the very strong effect, it is preferable for night usage to help the medial marijuana patient get proper rest. It is advisable for the professional smokers and not for the beginners.

Flowering of this weed is roughly 9 to 10 weeks so don’t expect a quick harvest. But, do expect a good a great harvest full of exotic smelling buds. Preferably grown outdoors due to it’s height.

Some medical marijuana patients believe that this weed helps alleviate their problems with insomnia, minor bodily aches and pains, nausea and anxiety.

It does has the tendency to make the patient fall asleep if more quantity is consumed. But, if taken in limited the quantities the smoker will receive a happy, relaxed and floating effect. At the same time, the patient will have enough energy left to work through their day.

Tangerine Kush Marijuana Strain Review Finds:

  • Strain Name: Tangerine Kush
  • Type: Indica
  • Potency: High
  • Effects: Sleepy
  • Smell: Strong Kush
  • Medical Purposes: Insomnia, pain, nausea and anxiety
  • Tangerine Kush marijuana strain

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