Purple Princess Marijuana Strain Review

Purple Princess marijuana strain is believed to be the cross of Cinderella 99 and Ice Princess, though the exact parentage of this Indica marijuana plant is debatable. A supreme medical marijuana that offers a leveraged high with calming effects.

This weed can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environment, but outdoor is considered to be best. Each flowering cycle takes 7 weeks to 8 weeks. The yield at harvest gives spectacular results which is comparably high and the experience is really worth.

The THC content of Purple Princess is around 10% to 13% which is not that much, yet the kind of high this plant gives is considered to be really supreme quality. The dense purple buds which are tight gives a mixed flavor of spice and fruit.

It is highly recommended to be really careful not to overdo it when ingesting Purple Princess marijuana since it has got the tendency to make you couch locked and sleepy. Maybe this is the hybrid of Sleeping Beauty and Ice Princess? The belief about the name of this weed got wide acceptance due to the creeper effect of this hybrid.

Purple Princes marijuana strain is preferred by some medical marijuana patients. Most patients believe this weed is considered to be best for medical conditions like nausea (from chemo), pain, glaucoma and insomnia.

Purple Princess Marijuana Strain Review Finds:

  • Strain Name: Purple Princess
  • Grade: A
  • Type: Indica
  • Parentage: Cinderella 99 and Ice princess
  • Looks: Nice buds with a purple color with orange hairs.
  • Smell: Fruity with a slight Earthy undertone
  • Taste: very smooth
  • Effects: High – creeper
  • Potency: Very potent
  • Medicinal Properties: Alleviates nausea (from chemo), pain, glaucoma and insomnia
  • Purple Princess marijuana strain

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