Kiwi Skunk Marijuana Strain Review

Kiwi Skunk marijuana strain is the cross breed of New York City Diesel and New Zealand Skunk. Like New Zealand Skunk, Kiwi Skunk weed strain is renowned for sprouting short yet providing very high yields. Kiwi Skunk marijuana is known as a great cash crop in its place of origin.

Being a cross breed with the renowned American counterpart, Kiwi Skunk is a highly recommended strain to improve the Indica high for wonderful results.

The THC content in Kiwi Skunk is highly potent giving a solid mental high retaining the basic Skunk characteristics at the same time.

Kiwi Skunk marijuana is favored by quite a few growers considering the inherited biological imperative of this shrub. The heavy yield from the short plant having the characteristic of New Zealand Skunk with the taste and fat buds of the NYC Diesel counterpart is a much sought after strain.

In each harvest cycle of only 50 days to 60 days Kiwi Skunk will produce approximately 400 to 500 grams. This weed can be grown indoors (guerrilla grow) or outdoors.

Kiwi Skunk weed has been known to help alleviate muscle spasms, muscle aches and pains. Some medical marijuana patients say it also helps alleviate the pain from migraine headaches, nausea and reduce stress levels.

Kiwi Skunk Marijuana Strain Review Information:

  • Strain Name: Kiwi Kush
  • Type: Indica
  • Parentage: New York City Diesel and New Zealand Skunk
  • Yields: Heavy
  • Effects: Short
  • Potency: Very potent
  • Medicinal Properties: Soothes sore muscles and aching joints. Alleviates headaches, stress and nausea
  • Kiwi Skunk marijuana strain

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