Master Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Master Kush marijuana strain is an Indica Dominant hybrid extracted by crossing Hindu Kush and Skunk. The winner of Cannabis Cup in 1992 & 1993, Master Kush gives a powerful but soft smoke. This calms and unwinds the body and mind of the medical marijuana patient.

Master Kush Marijuana a medium height weed, is the choice of most commercial farmers for the ease with which it can be grown indoors and outdoors. This medical marijuana strain has a short harvest time with good yields. The big buds hang heavy and the flowers are light green with trichomes and plenty of tiny orange hairs. The weed has no smell normally shown by other skunky marijuana weeds in the same Indica family.

The light green nugs are covered in small white crystals with very small hints of purple. Master Kush leaves behind a long lasting impression when the nugs are broken and ground to be smoked or vaporized, as it gives out a natural pine scent. The buds taste very sweet, earthy, with touches of citrus. The packed nugs in the container looks like little trees.

Master Kush marijuana strain produces an extremely potent smoke that is sticky sweet with a citrus twist and is also earthy and smooth. The heavy smoke can quickly and deeply medicate anyone who inhales it. Meaning, this is not a creeper high one would feel – this is a powerful medication.

Master Kush marijuana strain has a very good THC content. For medical marijuana patients it relieves chronic aches, arthritis, inflammation, insomnia, PTSD and depression.

Master Kush Marijuana Strain Review Added

  • Strain Name: Master Kush
  • Type: Indica Dominant
  • Parentage: Hindu Kush x Skunk
  • Looks: The buds are dense with a mix of green, orange and red all over with a light dusting of crystals
  • Smell: Very strong Kush smell
  • Potency: 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Medicinal Properties: For treatment of chronic aches, arthritis, inflammation, insomnia, PTSD and depression
  • Master Kush marijuana strain

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