Blueberry Marijuana Strain Review

Blueberry marijuana strain is an Indica Dominant hybrid and the winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup in the Indica category. This Dutch Passions Seeds strain produces a lovely joyous high that is long lasting and tastes just like blueberry.

Blueberry marijuana strain is a short to average height weed, with lots of branches particularly in the lower part. The weed grows wide, and has dark leaves and stems.

The weed can be grown in indoor, outdoor and by the sea of green method. It is always advisable to grow this weed outdoors as this allows the Blueberry marijuana to retain its distinct flavors. The weed starts flowering between 50 to 60 days.

This is the most beautiful and vibrant of any cannabis hybrids The Blueberry gets its name, we imagine, from the lavender blue color of the leaves and buds get while they are curing.

The buds are either light or dark green which is only slightly visible under the tons of orange hair wrapped around it. The Blueberry bud smells like spicy lemon and earth. Its smell is very similar to pure gold. The taste is like burnt leaves at campfire.

Blueberry marijuana strain provides a good vigor boost with a fairly relaxing effect. The Blueberry Marijuana Strain is prescribed to medical marijuana patients for nausea, insomnia or chronic pain.

Blueberry Marijuana Strain Review Clarified

  • Strain Name: Blueberry
  • Type: Indica Dominant
  • Flowering Period: 65 to 70 days
  • Looks: Lots of light orange hairs wrapped around the buds
  • Smell: Spicy and earthy
  • Taste: Earthy and musty
  • THC: Very High Levels @ 19.5%
  • Effects: Very much a body experience
  • Medicinal Properties: Prescribed for nausea, insomnia or chronic pain
  • Blueberry marijuana strain

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