Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

The Blue Cheese marijuana strain is a cross of Blueberry with Big Buddha Cheese. It is an Indica Dominant hybrid usually grown indoors, but can also be grown outdoors if the conditions are favorable.

The Blue Cheese marijuana strain buds are light green buds with a slight tint of a bluish tone. These buds are very tight and dense when full grown and to us looks more like a green penis. They have reddish/orange hairs darker than most buds and pungent.

From planting to harvest, the time it takes is short; roughly 55 to 65 days. This timeframe is regardless of indoor or outdoor grow. This weed is easy to care for and produces a good harvest. Some growers believe it’s one of the best weeds to grow indoors.

While Skunk has the power to push this hybrid weed, its the Blueberry that really brings out all of its floral, sweet, fruity notes to bear. Blue cheese weed strain has a noticeable musky undertone typical of the original cheese.

The Indica Dominant Blue Cheese marijuana strain has a medium level of THC at approximately 20%. Although the CBD levels are at least up to 1.3%. The high comes on smooth an easy generating hallucination and rapturous effects.

There are some medical marijuana patients who report that Blue Cheese weed helps to alleviate their stress, simple body aches and nausea.

Blue Cheese marijuana strain review:

  • Strain Name: Blue Cheese
  • Type: Indica dominant (80%)
  • Parentage: Blueberry and UK Cheese
  • Looks: Dark green all around, vibrant red and orange hairs douse the nuggets
  • Potency: 2 ½ to 3 hours
  • Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
  • THC Content: up to 20%
  • CBD Content: 1.3% CBD
  • Medicinal Properties: Alleviates stress, body aches, nausea
  • Blue Cheese marijuana

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