Green Crack Review Medical Marijuana Strain Clone

Green Crack review of this medical marijuana strain will cover all aspects of this personal favorite. This strain has gained huge popularity over the last couple of years with growers and medical marijuana patients. One of the only problems with this strain from what we understand, is that some growers are having a hard time trying to find a cutting of this clone.

What We Found in our Green Crack Review

Green Crack is a fantastic medicinal herb for daytime use in that you can consume the amount you need of this medical marijuana and still be able to function. I for one did not feel lackadaisical and I normally get very sleepy.

Green Crack is a grade A sativa, and an incredibly popular one at that. Because of the immense popularity of this strain and the ease and abundance of growth, Green Crack is a very high quality but yet, affordable medical marijuana strain on the market.

Depending on your dispensary pricing, we’ve seen pricing for Green Crack cost between $35 and $50 for average eighth gram. I’ve seen ads on other social classified ad sites for as much as $130 for an ounce of Green Crack. Even at that price I believe it was a good deal for the quality of medication that this strain has become.

Green Crack marijuana strain, along with a few choice Kush strains are arguably the most widely available clone plants to grow for legal personal consumption. Some growers responded to a recent poll stating that Green Crack is a very easy clone to bring to maturity. This is a a moderate to high yielding strain, and grows well indoors and outdoors.

While some have not experienced a long lasting relief of pain using this Green Crack strain, they did complement it stating that it was a very relaxing smoke, had great taste and was very smooth.

Green Crack Review Marijuana Strain Quick Glance

  • Strain Name: Green Crack
  • Grade: A
  • Type: Sativa
  • Looks: Nice buds with a lime green color with dark red/orange hairs.
  • Smell: Fruity with a slight Earthy undertone.
  • Taste: very smooth when cooled with vaporizer
  • Effects: Quality energy with calming effect.
  • Potency: Very potent
  • Medicinal Value: Alleviates nausea, stress, anxiety
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