Flo Marijuana Strain Review Causes Couch Lock

The Flo marijuana strain, the winner of 1996 Cannabis Cup is a hybrid, sativa dominant strain crossed between Purple Thai and Afghan Indica. As the name suggests it has a unique ability to produce a recurrent flow of buds through multiple harvesting.

The 50 to 55 day harvest cycle of this weed produces a heavy yield and is best for green house production. Flo marijuana strain matures quite early and produces tight spears packed with purple calyxes. These plants love to grow tall so be sure you have the height available if you are doing an indoor guerrilla grow. Flo weed also likes to spread it’s wings so you’ll also need some elbow room.

One look at Flo weed and the first thing you notice is that it has dense buds frosted with crystals and short orange hairs.

Flo weed is Sativa dominant at 60% leaving Indica at 40%. The aroma of the Flo marijuana strain is sour with citrus undertones, but the taste is not sour. Though it’s slightly lemony the taste is amazingly citrus.

The THC content is about 12% and the effects normally last for about 2 hours. Most medical marijuana patients say this particular weed produces couch lock effect relaxing the muscles, alleviates nausea and relieves stress instantly.

Flo Marijuana Strain Review Findings

  • Strain Name: Flo Marijuana
  • Type: Sativa dominant (60%)
  • Parentage: Purple Thai and Afghan Indica
  • Growing Type: Indoors or outdoors but greenhouse is best
  • Flowering Period: 47 days
  • Yields: High (about 500 grams)
  • THC Content: Approximately 12%
  • Potency: 2 hours
  • Medicinal Properties: muscle relaxer, stress reliever, anxiety, alleviates nausea
  • Flo Marijuana Strain
    This potent lady produces quite well and by the sixth week the buds may be fully mature. I believe that this weed got it’s name from the waitress at Mel’s Diner; Flo. A snappy, quick witted lady that gets the job done.

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