Belladonna Marijuana Strain Review

Belladonna marijuana strain first introduced by in 1999 is a perfect cross for yield and class. This Sativa Dominant variety is popular with commercial cultivators. A cross with super skunk popularized by Paradise Seeds in 1999. When we first began our review we were hoping that the name came from the Anthrax singer, Joey Belladonna; but we have not yet confirmed this.

Belladonna marijuana strain has a really quick yield time. A nice looking weed with modest foliage has firm, light green buds with red color hairs covered in crystals making it look somewhat orange-colored. The smell and taste are similar and strong like fruits in spice.

Belladonna marijuana strain can be cultivated in all environments. Quite popular in Spain and California, Belladonna has done well outdoors in the less friendly climates. Belladonna weed is resistant to mold and not very bushy. It also does well in a sea of green set up indoors. Flowering begins when the weed is 6 inches tall and continues to grow 2-3 feet in the flowering cycle.

An absolutely wonderful strain, with beautiful nugs and a lovely fragrance, Belladonna provides an amazing high with hallucinogenic rush.

For medical marijuana patients it is quite effective for any form of chronic or unbearable pain, stress, persistent migraines, anxiety, and severe nausea and other chronic conditions. The effect Belladonna marijuana strain gives to the smokers can be exhilarating and give an inspiring high.

Belladonna Marijuana Strain Review Explained

  • Strain Name: Belladonna
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering Period: 60 days
  • Harvest: Mid October
  • Medicinal Properties: Effective for pain, stress, persistent migraines, anxiety and nausea
  • Belladonna marijuana strain

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