Agent Orange Marijuana Strain Review

Agent Orange marijuana strain is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid which will provide a motivating and happy buzz for it’s user. The Agent Orange marijuana strain is the three way cross of Jack’s Cleaner, Orange Velvet Skunk and Space Queen marijuana.

Agent Orange marijuana strain has a flowering cycle of just 55 to 65 days in indoor conditions. The flowers explode only during the last two weeks of the flowering period so get your cameras ready, it’s a beautiful scene.

When grown outdoors this weed can reach up to a height of around 10 feet or more. This strain offers heavy yields and is more than suitable for commercial production.

The buds are heavy, are highly resinous, frosted with whitish crystals and glowing orange hairs. Whats unusual is that the color of the buds turn to maroon on cooler nights. The aroma is exceptionally unique and extremely citrus like. The smell though, is like a mixture of stinky cheese, diesel and spices. The taste is mild with a burnt orange peel flavor, but sweet and tasty.

Agent Orange marijuana strain is said to be effective for medical marijuana patients for the treatment of stress, anxiety, lack (or loss) of appetite, pain and depression.

Agent Orange marijuana train has a strong and nearly trippy high and leaves an orange after taste. Not advisable for beginners, but for the experienced medical marijuana patient. Agent orange marijuana is probably the most potent, tasty as well as pleasurable strain you may ever experience.

Agent Orange Marijuana Strain Review Clarified

  • Strain Name: Agent Orange
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Parentage: Space Queen x Jack’s Cleaner x Orange Velvet Skunk
  • Taste: Spicy sweet and tasty
  • THC Content: High
  • Effects: A trippy mixed high that won’t leave you couch locked
  • Potency: More than 2.5 hours
  • Medicinal Properties: Relieves stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, pain and depression
  • Agent Orange marijuana strain

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