Marijuana Brownies

Marijuana Brownies Recipe
What started as a great idea for marijuana brownies edibles turned to tragedy when I wasted almost 10 grams of weed following someone’s recipe. I spent a week in the kitchen and fixed this recipe and now offer to you a premier marijuana brownies recipe

Top Cannabis Club Interior Design Trends

Cannabis Club Interior Design
If you’ve ever thought about cannabis club interior design, then you know that the aesthetics must appeal to clients and community. While designing the interior of your California cannabis club, vape room or even marijuana delivery vehicle, take a moment and consider hiring a company that does professional interior design and graphics.

Aluminum Foil Tape Silver

When it comes to keeping your lines together with limited leakage, you know using Scotch aluminum foil tape works best. Eliminate any air leakage on your vent lines with this silver aluminum tape. Right now it’s also on sale!

Where Does President Trump Stand on Medical Marijuana

President Trump Supports Medical Marijuana
Recreational and medical Marijuana legalization appeared on ballots in nine states on November 8. How did it fair among a wide range of voters is anyone’s guess at the moment. But one thing is for sure, President-Elect Trump is all for it, albeit that states should be in charge for their own policies and behaviors. So where does President Trump stand on medical marijuana…

Healthier Ways to Smoke Weed

Best Ways To Smoke Weed
Smoking marijuana for recreation or medication leaves one to imagine if there are healthier ways to smoke weed? From what we discovered in our research was that there are always alternatives to how you smoke marijuana. Talking with marijuana smokers, and some self-medication ourselves, WeedPad found that out of the number of different ways to smoke weed; there really is only one good way to keep it healthy.

WeedPad Energy Nugs

WeedPad Energy Nugs Recipe
When you think of weed recipes, do you think of edibles that slow you down, make you mellow and let you couch lock for hours? Or would you consider a powerful edible that gave you a little boost of energy while numbing that pain? Look no further friends, has come up with another solid recipe to rejuvenate and give your body the oomph it needs to get through the day… WeedPad Energy Nugs; a no bake solution.